Doom Kitty

A couple of weeks ago I scanned in a notebook’s worth of old sketches with the intention of rendering some of these out to finished pieces. The intent is two-fold, A) to get more comfortable drawing digitally B) to actually do something with all of those doodles I make during meetings when I should be taking notes. Which brings us to Doom Kitty.

Doom Kitty started out as a glow-in-the-dark munny-esque cat keychain I had ordered in a blind-box from Rotofugi a year or so ago. I prefer blind-boxes because what’s inside is always a surprise. So, I kept this guy in front of my monitor naked as the day he was molded for a long while, waiting for the time and inclination to paint him. Eventually, I said screw-it and took a sharpie to him while I was running Onyx on my computer one afternoon. Thus Doom Kitty was born.

Since I enjoy making up little back stories about my doodles—probably a side effect of wasting my youth reading/drawing comic books—I gave DK the back story of a not so vigilant vigilante who’s primary interests lie in swilling down rot-gut and bust’n noses. If you’ve got a few nickels to rub together and want some ass-kicking done, Doom Kitty’s your man. That’s about as far as I got with it, that and a handful of doodles, which later turned into this fine piece you see here.

For those that are interested, I have made this illustration available to order on ImageKind, so you can have Doom Kitty to watch over and keep you safe.

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