We Don’t Wanna Hear It

DtG Hoodie

No Limits Alternate Logo

As Promised, here is some more of the work that I did for No Limits. This is the campaign that I designed for their 2009–2010 season. The theme that the youth came up with was “We Don’t Wanna Hear It.” As in, we don’t want to hear the lies that “Big Tobacco” is telling us. It turned out to be a good theme to work with—not as awesome as “PWN B!G T0bacc0,” but I digress. Once I zeroed in on the look and feel that they were comfortable with, it was pretty easy to come up with something that would please the youth.

Before I could work on any of the pieces for this campaign—which included a print & web ads, post cards, apparel, and tons of swag—I had to develop the look beyond just logo. So, I headed of to the bookstore to figure out what kids are into. Come to find out that the glossy teen mags that girls read haven’t changed a whole lot since my high school days, aside from the glut of sparkly vampires. I also learned that if you’re a guy in his late twenties flipping through Teen Glamour, women who walk by will look at you like you’re some kind of creeper.

This project was also the first time I got to do direct-to-garment printing. Every year the No Limits board members get a little extra something in their swag-bag. Since there’s only a handful of board members it’s tricky/cost-prohibitive to screen print a custom garment just for them. We were fortunate enough to have found The Adwood Company, who specialize in direct-to-garment printing, right here in Lincoln. I was even happier when I found out that they had no qualms about printing over the zipper of the hoodies—something our screen printer  balked at.

Overall, this campaign turned out very well. Most importantly, the youth were excited about their gear.

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