Dr. Squarewave Logo & Covers

I had posted this on Twitter a while back, but I figured I ought to post them here before I forget about them. These are a few cover mockups that I had worked to loosen a creative road-jam I had been having. The logo is something I’d worked up a few months back for the lo-fi electro/industrial/punk collective Dr. Squarewave. It mostly came about from me chatting with Scott about his ideas for the future for the project. So, the logo isn’t being used at this time, and my never be, but it was fun to work on in my spare time.

Then during my weekly FFFFound.com crawls I was inspired to whip these mock-ups of possible covers. I was just looking to do something minimal, with a touch of texture—nothing too over the top. Overall, I was quite pleased with how they turned out.

One Response to Dr. Squarewave Logo & Covers

  1. I hope they’ll get used, too! If that project doesn’t move forward soon, it will be the first “victim” of my netlabel packaging, ha ha ha. And I plan to write some more music for that “band” as well. That logo just begs to be the cover for a 7” release, doesn’t it?