Amsterdam Light Festival Featuring
Spatial Distortion

My buddy Jim/aka Spatial Distortion recently had his song, Light Tumbler, used as the soundtrack to a time-lapse video of 2012’s Amsterdam Light Festival. Both the video and the track are lovely, and work quite well together. For more information on Spatial Distortion visit Or to hear more music from Spatial Distortion visit his Bandcamp page.

Daft Punk—Derezzed

Daft Punk – New Music – More Music Videos Daft Punk has finally released an honest to goodness video from the Tron Legacy OST. Unlike the glorified  trailer that came out in October, the new Derezzed clip is an original piece chock full of retro-Tron style. This is just the thing to get you in the mood for Tron Legacy which hits the theaters next week.

Pretty Lights—Future Blind

My favorite electronica artist of the year, Pretty Lights, has released a new video on today. Produced by Derek Vincent Smith, Future Blind is off of Pretty Light’s second EP of 2010 Spilling Over Every Side.

Time of Orchids—Darling Abandon

Feeling kind of dark and heady on this sultry Tuesday morning, so I thought I’d spin some Time of Orchids for all the kiddies out there riding the tubes. This track is from my favorite—and final—ToO album, 2007’s Namesake Caution. Man, it’s a real bummer that those guys broke up, they sure do put on a good live show.

Atari Teenage Riot—Activate

Today’s jam is the seizure-inducing live video for Atari Teenage Riot’s most recent single, Activate. The video was shot on May 12th, 2010, during the band’s first live show in 10 years, at the London Electric Ballroom. Paired with a fresh cup of joe, Activate has all the energy you need to kick-start your day.

The Sword—Tres Brujas

Retro-metalists The Sword have released the video for Tres Brujas from their new album Warp Riders. I’ve been trying really hard to get behind The Sword. I dig the vintage sci-fi and fantasy themes they carry throughout their music and artwork, but I have a difficult time reconciling this with the fact that I generally loathe classic-rock. It’s strange to like everything about a band except their music. Oh well, the video looks cool and as long as they keep… Continue »