Amsterdam Light Festival Featuring
Spatial Distortion

My buddy Jim/aka Spatial Distortion recently had his song, Light Tumbler, used as the soundtrack to a time-lapse video of 2012’s Amsterdam Light Festival. Both the video and the track are lovely, and work quite well together. For more information on Spatial Distortion visit Or to hear more music from Spatial Distortion visit his Bandcamp page.

Bobbie Boob – Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer

I’m going to close out cyber-jams-week with my favorite glitch duo, Bobbie Boob, and one of their latest albums, Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer. Not to shine my own apple or anything, but I did create the artwork for this album. It started with a corrupt Photoshop file from one of my day job projects and morphed into this… I don’t know that to call it, but it was fun to make. Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer by… Continue »

Spatial Distortion—Lucid

As a musician Jim Brodhagen’s style is varies, from playing guitar in a number of doom and sludge metal bands, to the humor-laden glitch/industrial duo Bobbie Boob, but one endeavor Jim continues to work on is his atmospheric-electronica solo project, Spatial Distortion. On December 23, 2009 Brodhagen released his fourth Spatial Distortion album, Lucid. In the two years since Spatial Distortion’s previous album, Cemetery For Thoughts That Sustained Worlds, Brodhagen has finely tuned his sound. By adding subtle complexity, and an overall… Continue »