Fol Chen – Holograms

Fol Chen’s second album has been out for some time now, but I had not watched the video for Holograms until today. Which is a shame, because this is quite good, a bit Twin Peaks feeling. Enjoy


Check out the new video for Lakookala’s Mother Biiiirds. Produced by Bad Taste Media, this video is full of black lights, paint and feathers, and comes off like some kind of post modern spirit animal ceremony. It doesn’t hurt that the track itself kills. So enjoy the video, then go download Mother Biiiirds for free off of Lakookala’s BandCamp page. Download Track » BandCamp @Lakookala

Author & Punisher – Terrorbird

This is the new video for Author & Punisher’s track “Terrorbird” from his latest album Ursus Americanus which was released earlier this year on Seventh Rule Recordings. A&P is an industrial doom metal machine consisting of one man, Tristan Shone, and his collection of custom built instruments, which you can learn more about over on Author & Punisher has been spinning quite a bit lately on the ol’work computer. His heavy riffs and steady pounding machine-rhythms create the perfect… Continue »

The Mae Shi—Lamb and the Lion

This is the new video for The Mae Shi’s Lamb and the Lion off of their 2008 album HLLYH. It’s a quirky Flash animation piece by Natalia Stuyk done in a primitive medieval style—which is befitting the theme of the song. While I’ve enjoyed this album considerably over the last year for it’s energy and uniqueness I have to say that initially I was pretty stumped by HLLYH. The entire album sounds like the electro punk version of the Greatest… Continue »

Getting Down In It

A couple of days ago Nine Inch Nails started uploading all of their music videos, new and old, to their official youtube account. Which is totally great, because it means that people won’t have to scour the interwebs for low-fo copies of NIN’s classic videos—that where originally recorded off of Mtv in 1994—every time they need a Trent fix. It also means that I can stop lamenting over the fact that I can’t watch my Closure double-vhs-tape set that I… Continue »