Whourkr – 4247 Snare Drums

Both talented artists in their own right, when the baroque/glitch-master Igorrr and cybergrind-ist Mulk get together under the moniker Whourkr the resulting music is something to behold. Their latest album 4247 Snare Drums is not for the faint of heart. This album melds death metal shredding with incessant breakcore beats, all while wailing screams are offset by operatic singing. 4247 Snare Drums is guaranteed to take you from 0 to 90 over and over again. 4247 Snare Drums by Whourkr… Continue »

Pantera – Suicide Note Pt. 1 & 2

Unlike some metal bands *cough-metallica-cough* Pantera could play a soulful song without turning into a bunch of pansies, and for that I thank them. For a taste of what I’m jamming on today, give the Hardcore Metal station I’m building on Pandora a LISTEN.

Galaxicon: Old Gods

Old Gods by Galaxicon If you’re looking for some doomy Cthulhoid metal to grind away on, look no further than Memphis’ own Galaxicon. They have a new-ish (July 2012) album, Old Gods, and it absolutely shreds. You can download it on their BandCamp page, or score a CD/Download combo from their store for dirt cheap. Honestly, I haven’t enjoyed a fresh raw sounding metal band this much since I heard Black Breath’s self titled album a few years ago. Expect… Continue »

Author & Punisher – Terrorbird

This is the new video for Author & Punisher’s track “Terrorbird” from his latest album Ursus Americanus which was released earlier this year on Seventh Rule Recordings. A&P is an industrial doom metal machine consisting of one man, Tristan Shone, and his collection of custom built instruments, which you can learn more about over on Wired.com Author & Punisher has been spinning quite a bit lately on the ol’work computer. His heavy riffs and steady pounding machine-rhythms create the perfect… Continue »