Whourkr – 4247 Snare Drums

Both talented artists in their own right, when the baroque/glitch-master Igorrr and cybergrind-ist Mulk get together under the moniker Whourkr the resulting music is something to behold. Their latest album 4247 Snare Drums is not for the faint of heart. This album melds death metal shredding with incessant breakcore beats, all while wailing screams are offset by operatic singing. 4247 Snare Drums is guaranteed to take you from 0 to 90 over and over again. 4247 Snare Drums by Whourkr… Continue »

Igorrr – Hallelujah

Igorrr is at it at again, whipping up his own blend of baroque-dub-glitch-electro-death-metal on his latest album, Hallelujah. There is little I can say to accurately describe this album, other than that it is as solid as his previous releases. If you’re into any kind of experimental music, Hallelujah will be well worth the listen. Hallelujah by Igorrr IGORRR.com Bandcamp Facebook Last.fm

Bobbie Boob – Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer

I’m going to close out cyber-jams-week with my favorite glitch duo, Bobbie Boob, and one of their latest albums, Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer. Not to shine my own apple or anything, but I did create the artwork for this album. It started with a corrupt Photoshop file from one of my day job projects and morphed into this… I don’t know that to call it, but it was fun to make. Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer by… Continue »