Giant Claw Gig Poster

This was a fun project, creating another gig poster for Think Tank. The show featured Brooklyn based vintage synth artist Giant Claw, local glitch duo Bobbie Boob, with a last minute addition of Touch People.

Lakookala Gig Poster

One of my favorite pieces to work on this year has been this poster for the house show Lakookala played at Think Tank. The illustration itself was born out of my fondness for Lakookala’s song MOTHER BIIIIRDS and a particular female cardinal who hangs out on my porch in the spring.

Killer Bob Gig Poster

This is the gig poster that I designed for the band Killer Bob. Their version of avant garde jazz is an exploration of dream states, which made playing up the Twin Peaks connection seem appropriate for this piece.

Normal Love Gig Poster

A couple weeks ago KZUM’s Other Music program interviewed members of east coast avant garde classical/jazz/rock collective Normal Love. Which kicked of a merry bit of happenstance including the cancelation of a show in Iowa City, and an open slot in a local show at Knickerbockers, but more importantly it afforded me the chance to do a gig poster for a band that I have been digging on for the past couple of months. The concert itself was pretty awesome.… Continue »

Extra Life at Box Awesome

I was recruited to pull together a last minute gig poster for an upcoming show at Box Awesome. Luckily, I keep 90% of my doodles, so I was able to jump head first into this project with a solid foundation and an idea of where I wanted to go with it. Granted I still spent a few hours on getting the illustration just the way I wanted, but the tight time constraint kept me from over thinking the concept. So,… Continue »