The Music of Shadowrun (Genesis Edition)

In keeping with the Cyber theme, I scrounged up some golden oldies… The soundtrack to my all-time favorite Sega Genesis game, Shadowrun. Thanks to the recent successful Kickstarter campaigns for Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Online the memories of sitting in my darkened living room plugging away for hours on end on my own Sega Genesis Shadowrun adventure have been top of mind lately. I remember running and gunning, earning Nuyen for dermal plating and Cyberdeck upgrades. I fondly recall the… Continue »


TERROR 404 by PERTURBATOR Hey chummers, why not celebrate Cyber Monday by spinning the retro-future sounds of PERTURBATOR. What I love most about this album is that it embodies all of my adolescent visions of the dystopic future I thought we’d all be living in by now, thanks to all the Blade Runner, William Gibson and Shadowrun I consumed in my formative years. Pro Tip: Close your eyes and listen to this while simultaneously playing Vangelis’ Los Angeles, November 2019.… Continue »

News and Opinions of the Film Adaptation of Neuromancer

I posted a blurb on Twitter Monday that I am reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer for the fourth time. This came about primarily because of two things, a: I didn’t get to the library over the weekend like I had planned to, and b: on Saturday night CW aired the 1995 cyberpunk classic Johnny Mnemonic, one of my all time favorite movies. If you didn’t know—and shame on you if you don’t—this movie is base on Gibson’s short story of the… Continue »