Custom Paper Dude: Clopsy

Last year I hosted a creative break for my department in which we made custom Paper Dudes. I had such a good time with this that I decided to make a few more. This one turned out so well that I thought I’d share it with you fine folks. This fine chap here is Clopsy. Clopsy is a sweet little guy who loves long walks on the beach, but feels a little sad because his chompers are so big that he can’t get any smooches from the fine honeys laying in sand.

You can download a Clopsy of your very own. He’s pretty easy to put together. Just print him out on heavier paper. Cut him out, and put him together using stick glue or double-sided tape (which I found to work best)

Download Clopsy »

You can download the original P.D. template from Matt Hawkins’ Custom Paper Toys blog.

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