No Coast Surf Squad

This illustration was done totally for fun, but wouldn’t it be great to get this printed up for real?

Nebraska Dept. of Economic Development

This is the website for Nebraska’s Department of Economic Development. Snitily Carr was tasked with refreshing the look of the site as well as improving the search-ability of the site while literally preserving hundreds of pages and news articles from their old site. I was involved in this project from start to finish. I developed wireframes as well as a number of design concepts until we landed on something that the group of client stakeholders were happy with. Once we… Continue »

Nebraska In The News

Why is it that the when the great state of Nebraska make the international news it’s because of something horribly embarrassing, like Ernie Chambers suing god, or the recently revised Safe Haven law, and now there is the apprehension of Valentine’s Butt Bandit to add to the list. What a great day to be a cornhusker :P