Local H – High-Fiving MF

This jam comes straight from the 90’s, a time when people got rich pretending to be miserable, and stock in the flannel market was sky-high.

The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

Today’s jam is one of my all-time favorite tracks, Ballroom Blitz. A toe-tapping party song originally performed by The Sweet back in 1973. The song was inspired by their show at the Grand Hall in Kilmarnock, Scotland where they were driven off stage by a horde of bottle-weilding drunkards. I can’t say that I’m surprised given the band’s low-rent glam rock getups. Over the years Ballroom Blitz has been covered so many times that hardly anyone remembers who originally performed… Continue »

Bobbie Boob – Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer

I’m going to close out cyber-jams-week with my favorite glitch duo, Bobbie Boob, and one of their latest albums, Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer. Not to shine my own apple or anything, but I did create the artwork for this album. It started with a corrupt Photoshop file from one of my day job projects and morphed into this… I don’t know that to call it, but it was fun to make. Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer by… Continue »

Cyberaktif – Brain Dead Decision

You can’t have a week of cyber-themed jams without Cyberaktif, the early 90’s side project of Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly) and cEvin Key and Dwayne Goettel (both of Skinny Puppy).

The Music of Shadowrun (Genesis Edition)

In keeping with the Cyber theme, I scrounged up some golden oldies… The soundtrack to my all-time favorite Sega Genesis game, Shadowrun. Thanks to the recent successful Kickstarter campaigns for Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Online the memories of sitting in my darkened living room plugging away for hours on end on my own Sega Genesis Shadowrun adventure have been top of mind lately. I remember running and gunning, earning Nuyen for dermal plating and Cyberdeck upgrades. I fondly recall the… Continue »

Kuroshio – Biomechanic

Biomechanic by Kuroshio Another choice slice of music courtesy of Jason… Keeping with the yesterday’s Cyber Monday theme, today we’re going stomp our boots and twirl our glow sticks to the EBM beats of Kuroshio—whom I know absolutely nothing about other than he makes damn fine music. His first album, Biomechanic, is solid. It’s your typical industrial goth fair but less pretentious and put together a lot better than most. Well worth a spin for anyone who enjoys the EBM… Continue »