Rural Squirrel Logo

Rural Squirrel is an upcoming electronic music project from Scott “Fluxus” Scholz.

Killed In Cars

This is a logo that I developed for the music review website Killed in Cars. Their specialty is avant garde forms of rock, jazz and electronic music. To reflect this I sought to bring a sense of modern noir to the design.


Here are some examples of the rebranding work I did for Avantas, a healthcare consultant which specializes in improving staffing efficiency. To start off the project, the team and I developed a new tagline, “Healthcare Working Smarter.” Once the tagline and broad-view messaging were developed, I was able to create the logo and supplemental branding materials that supports this. The objective of this rebrand was to create a sleek, modern design, that projects a warm, approachable personality which reflects the… Continue »

Spatial Distortion—Lucid

I want to quick share the artwork that I’d created for Spatial Distortion’s latest album, Lucid. My inspiration for this piece came from equal parts, the music, minimalist sci-fi art, and Jim’s love of geometric shapes. I wanted to invoke the spirit of a journey, as if you’re being sucked into this giant space-pyramid that’s just floating out in the void. I also had the opportunity to develop some new logotypes, one for Spatial Distortion, and another for the album… Continue »

We Don’t Wanna Hear It

As Promised, here is some more of the work that I did for No Limits. This is the campaign that I designed for their 2009–2010 season. The theme that the youth came up with was “We Don’t Wanna Hear It.” As in, we don’t want to hear the lies that “Big Tobacco” is telling us. It turned out to be a good theme to work with—not as awesome as “PWN B!G T0bacc0,” but I digress. Once I zeroed in on… Continue »

Smoke-Free Air Rocks

This is a logo the I did back in the spring of 2009 for No Limits, a youth-led anti-tobacco industry group. This was for a teen dance/event that the group held to celebrate the enactment of Nebraska’s law prohibiting smoking inside of public building.