The real purpose of your life!

Somedays a guy could use a little more singing and dancing. Something to chew on…

The Backyard Bunny

Ever since we finished up our fence last year it seems that our backyard has become somewhat of a haven for small animals in the neighborhood. From birds chirping to squirrels taunting PT from the safety of a tree branch, we have a regular menagerie back there. You see, we have a number of outdoor/stray cats who wander our fair streets, and ever since we fenced off our yard they’ve found better places to relax than our back-bushes—like atop our… Continue »

In with the New

It’s not exactly out with the old, but I am trying something new—a new domain name and a fresh new design to go along with it. Like every web designer I get bored of my personal site design almost immediately after launching it. Truth be told, you’re lucky that there’s even a site to look at at all because by the time I finish one I want to start all over again. This is exactly the position that I found… Continue »

Where is the Sunshine?

PT’s doing his best to scare away the clouds and gloomy weather.