Nebraska Dept. of Economic Development

This is the website for Nebraska’s Department of Economic Development. Snitily Carr was tasked with refreshing the look of the site as well as improving the search-ability of the site while literally preserving hundreds of pages and news articles from their old site. I was involved in this project from start to finish. I developed wireframes as well as a number of design concepts until we landed on something that the group of client stakeholders were happy with. Once we… Continue »

Colorado Wheat

This is the website for the Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee, the research and promotion organization representing Colorado’s wheat producers. Snitily Carr was charged with refreshing their website, by improving the look, as well as the ease of use for both their constituents and the staff who are responsible for maintaining the site’s content. I was involved in this project from start to finish. I worked with the copywriter to establish a site-map, taking care to incorporate the organization’s distinct groups… Continue »

FireWorks Restaurant

This is the website for FireWorks, the sister restaurant to Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill. Another one of my favorite eateries in Lincoln, Fireworks specializes in wood-fired cooking. I was responsible for both the design and programing of this site, which is straight up HTML and CSS with a touch of jQuery to fancy things up a bit more. With the design, I sought to capture some of the warmth and craftsman detail of the restaurant through the fiery mica header… Continue »

Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill

I recently had the distinct pleasure of working on the website for one of my favorite local restaurants, Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill. Lazlo’s is known for two things, great steak and great beer, and that is the essence of what I wanted to carry over to their web presence. Having eaten at Lazlo’s numerous times myself, I immediately had a rough idea of what I wanted the site to look like, something warm and inviting, that would make you want… Continue »

Pro-Health Systems

Pro-Health Systems is an independent consultant that analyzes a company’s overall health profile and offers recommendations to lower the healthcare costs by identifying modifiable health-risks. I was tasked with designing a fresh and uncomplicated layout that compliments PHS’s mission. I was responsible for coding the HTML and CSS for the site. Instead of integrating a full CMS for the entire site, I utilized Cushy CMS on the homepage so the client will be able to easily update their “What’s New”… Continue »

Introducing Sarcasm!

Snarky venom-filled bloggers around the world have been waiting patiently for the W3C to approve the <sarcasm> tag for a long time. Since it has yet to—and likely will never—happen, it’s up to us to do it ourselves. So, today I took two minutes and created my very own sarcasm CSS rule that I can slap onto any bit of text that needs to seethe. Since I’m such a generous guy I thought I’d share this bit of code with… Continue »