Human Revolution – Deus Ex Live Action Teaser

The folks at DCODE Films are working on a live action short film based one of my favorite games of 2011, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Based on this footage, I wholly approve. For more information on this project visit DCODE Films.

La Sombra Prohibida

ooooooooh, here’s the new trailer for La Sombra Prohibida (The Forbidden Shadow for us yanks), the second film in the The Valdemar Legacy written and directed by José Luis Alemán. Of course the sweet filling here is the appearance of the great old on himself, Cthulhu towards the end. Based on the trailer, this film looks significantly less cheesy than most Lovecraft-inspired films.

A Clip from Bunny and the Bull

Some more Boosh-tastic news, a clip and details of Paul King’s upcoming film Bunny and the Bull. A tale of a young shut in, Bunny, who takes a magical road trip inside his apartment. Drawing early comparisons to the films of Michel Gondry is Bunny and The Bull, the debut feature from writer/director Paul King, best known for his work on the BBC’s wonderfully disoriented comedy series The Mighty Boosh. The movie co-stars the Boosh’s Noel Felding and Julian Barratt,… Continue »

News and Opinions of the Film Adaptation of Neuromancer

I posted a blurb on Twitter Monday that I am reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer for the fourth time. This came about primarily because of two things, a: I didn’t get to the library over the weekend like I had planned to, and b: on Saturday night CW aired the 1995 cyberpunk classic Johnny Mnemonic, one of my all time favorite movies. If you didn’t know—and shame on you if you don’t—this movie is base on Gibson’s short story of the… Continue »