Dragon Age: Origins—Initial Impressions

Alright, Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins (DA:O) has been out for a couple of weeks now. The reviews are in (87/7.2 on MetaCritic) and the bulk of the gaming industry has since moved on, leaving DA:O in the dust like so many prom queens. There is probably no real point in yet another review, but technically that’s not what this is. There’s no way I can give it a fair shake in the limited amount of time that I’ve had to… Continue »

Dragon Age: Origins Sacred Ashes

Dragon Age: The Music

A brief discussion with Audio Director, Simon Pressey, Composer, Inon Zur, and vocalist, Aubrey Ashburn regarding the dark medieval score that they’ve come up with for Dragon Age: Origins. See, and you all thought it’d be all screamy Marilyn Manson-esque industrial music. via If you are interested, IGN has also posted a bunch of gameplay videos from Dragon Age today, here. I for one will take a pass on these, since it already feels like I’ve seen too much already.

My Top 5 Titles of E3 2009

E3 finally wrapped up last week, which means I can finally focus on work-related stuff as opposed to wading through the 300+ articles in my RSS feed pertaining to this or that awesome trailer, and all the games that may or may not actually come out sometime in 2010. *cough-Alan Wake-cough* The other day Wired released their Top 10 Game Trailers From E3, and while this is a solid list, I’ve got a pseudo-list of my own. My Top 5… Continue »