Dragon Age 2 Mid-Game Review

I’ve read a number of reviews on Bioware’s latest epic RPG Dragon Age 2 lately, and thought I’d throw my two cents in as well. Overall, the reviews have been glowing, there has been much lauding the tighter graphics, amped up action and the fully-voiced dialog. Reading these early reviews got me amped up to jump in and start playing as soon as I picked up my pre-order—although I didn’t since I am an adult and skipping work to play… Continue »

Dragon Age 2: Destiny

OOOOOOH SHINY! The new trailer for Dragon Age 2—I assume this one is by Blur Studios as well. I know that I groused a bit when BioWare announced the title, mostly because of it’s departure from the more open character creation system of Origins, to a system that more closely resembles Mass Effect… But I’ve since stopped worrying about that since I usually only play human warriors any way. Right now, I’m mostly excited to see how the new combat… Continue »