Weekend Project—DIY Sketchbook

Yesterday was quite a busy day, between yard work, and a couple refinishing projects for the new bathroom. I did take some time to head out to the art supply stores. Of particular note was a helluva deal that I took advantage of at Michael’s. They have all of their Pentel Pocket Brush Pens on sale for 90% off, that’s $1.69 for a pen that I paid $17 for a year ago. Suffice it say, it took all of my… Continue »

Custom Paper Dude: Clopsy

Last year I hosted a creative break for my department in which we made custom Paper Dudes. I had such a good time with this that I decided to make a few more. This one turned out so well that I thought I’d share it with you fine folks. This fine chap here is Clopsy. Clopsy is a sweet little guy who loves long walks on the beach, but feels a little sad because his chompers are so big that… Continue »

Doing My Husbandly Duty

So, last Thursday night I had to take care of some “Husbandly Duties.” No! Not that husbandly duty, this one involved a handful of tools and some innovative thinking… Wait, no! Hmmm, alright-alright-alright, let’s just cut to the chase, okay. I spent the evening installing new pendant lights over our kitchen sink. I don’t normally talk about all the Mr. Fix-it type work that I do. When it’s finally done-it’s done, I want to put all the aggravation and cursing… Continue »

Homemade for the Holidays

Looking to save a few bucks and keep the kids happy this holiday season? Why need built your young ones they’re very own Bantha! All you need is some felt, stuffing, two buttons, a needle and thread, and you’ll be the hero of the day. Don’t forget to stock up on Band-Aids if you try this project with out a sewing machine.