Dragon Age 2 Mid-Game Review

I’ve read a number of reviews on Bioware’s latest epic RPG Dragon Age 2 lately, and thought I’d throw my two cents in as well. Overall, the reviews have been glowing, there has been much lauding the tighter graphics, amped up action and the fully-voiced dialog. Reading these early reviews got me amped up to jump in and start playing as soon as I picked up my pre-order—although I didn’t since I am an adult and skipping work to play… Continue »

Dragon Age 2: Destiny

OOOOOOH SHINY! The new trailer for Dragon Age 2—I assume this one is by Blur Studios as well. I know that I groused a bit when BioWare announced the title, mostly because of it’s departure from the more open character creation system of Origins, to a system that more closely resembles Mass Effect… But I’ve since stopped worrying about that since I usually only play human warriors any way. Right now, I’m mostly excited to see how the new combat… Continue »

Star Wars The Old Republic: Hope Trailer

MMMMM… It’s E3 week and that means all of this year’s hotly anticipated games are being pimped across the internets like a $5 hooker fresh from the free clinic. Not to be out done by lesser titles there’s a spiffy new cinematic trailer for Bioware’s upcoming MMORPG, Star War The Old Republic. Produced by Blur Studio, the same company that developed the Dragon Age: Sacred Ashes trailer, this trailer depicts an epic forest battle between Republic Forces and the Sith… Continue »

Wall of Sound—Sound of the Galaxy OC Remix

Here are a couple of remixes by Wall of Sound, Inc.—the company, led by Jack Wall, who composed the soundtrack for Mass Effect 1/2. They recently gave an interview over at Over-Clocked Remix where they discuss the complexity of developing the soundtrack for Mass Effect 2, and they were kind enough to share a couple remixes of Mass Effect tracks. EDITOR’S NOTE I want to thank Jimmy Hinson—aka Big Giant Circles—for setting me straight on who produced these tracks. Nova… Continue »

Mass Effect 2 Extended Cinematic Trailer

Oh Bioware, what a generous Christmas gift you have given us, a beautifully rendered cinema quality trailer for Mass Effect 2. Much like the Sacred Ashes trailer for Dragon Age: Origins, the extended Blur trailer looks spectacular. There’s a bit of intrigue here by way of The Illusive Man and plenty of action, more than you’d expect to find in a 3 minute clip. I know, I sound like a broken record here, but damn, this quality of 3D animation… Continue »

Nine Minutes of Mass Effect 2

It’s not a trailer, it’s not a v-doc, what it is is a chunk of actual gameplay footage, nine minute worth to be exact. Granted, this content has been edited for length because if you’ve ever played Mass Effect you know that it’s next to impossible to have two meaningful conversations, and a massive firefight in under 30 minutes realtime. Even so, I like what I’m seeing, especially the enhanced party tactic controls. Now if you happened to be disappointed… Continue »