No Coast Surf Squad

This illustration was done totally for fun, but wouldn’t it be great to get this printed up for real?

We Don’t Wanna Hear It

As Promised, here is some more of the work that I did for No Limits. This is the campaign that I designed for their 2009–2010 season. The theme that the youth came up with was “We Don’t Wanna Hear It.” As in, we don’t want to hear the lies that “Big Tobacco” is telling us. It turned out to be a good theme to work with—not as awesome as “PWN B!G T0bacc0,” but I digress. Once I zeroed in on… Continue »

Coming Soon: Brass Tack

One of my favorite artist/illustrators, Joshua Smith—a.k.a. Hydro74—has announced his new clothing line, Brass Tack. Smith teamed up with fellow illustrators Jimiyo, Zombie Yeti and Blue Chicken to launch the first wave of Brass Tack designs due to hit the streets at the end of the month. Visit Brass Tack Apparel to download the full catalog. Also, be sure to follow Brass Tack on Twitter or Facebook to receive news, and promotion information. In related news, Hydro74 is offering a… Continue »

Retro PSA’s Star Wars Stylee

Lucas Arts has released a a few (read: 7) retro style PSA/Travel images that you can get printed on a bunch of merch through their online store. An aside here is that they run their Print-on-Demand shop through a service called Zazzle. Zazzle is very similar to CafePress in regards to the services they offer, but they have an expanded catalog of items that can be printed on, including shoes and skate decks. I’m currently in the process of getting… Continue »