Atari Teenage Riot—Activate

Today’s jam is the seizure-inducing live video for Atari Teenage Riot’s most recent single, Activate. The video was shot on May 12th, 2010, during the band’s first live show in 10 years, at the London Electric Ballroom. Paired with a fresh cup of joe, Activate has all the energy you need to kick-start your day.

New Trailer for Phantomie

The website and trailer for director/photographer Miron Zownir’s Phantomanie is now live. Larry is a misfit stranded in Berlin, the pilgrim capital of the lost and haunted. Whatever he does goes wrong. Yet he still can’t help acting like a smasrtass in order to make him feel self-important about his desolate life.But Larry’s life is on a downward spiral… Pressured by his girlfriend Lilly, who drives him crazy with her obsession about having a baby, threatened by Kosker, a man… Continue »

Alec Empire: Shivers Preview

Head over to Keep It Fast for a sneak peek of Alec Empire’s new album, Shivers, that hits the streets on May 8.