Rise & Shine

I little more design-play from the weekend.

Design Experiment

A little design play for a cold snowy night. This would make the perfect album cover for my imaginary lo-fi electronica band.

Spatial Distortion—Lucid

I want to quick share the artwork that I’d created for Spatial Distortion’s latest album, Lucid. My inspiration for this piece came from equal parts, the music, minimalist sci-fi art, and Jim’s love of geometric shapes. I wanted to invoke the spirit of a journey, as if you’re being sucked into this giant space-pyramid that’s just floating out in the void. I also had the opportunity to develop some new logotypes, one for Spatial Distortion, and another for the album… Continue »

Dr. Squarewave Logo & Covers

I had posted this on Twitter a while back, but I figured I ought to post them here before I forget about them. These are a few cover mockups that I had worked to loosen a creative road-jam I had been having. The logo is something I’d worked up a few months back for the lo-fi electro/industrial/punk collective Dr. Squarewave. It mostly came about from me chatting with Scott about his ideas for the future for the project. So, the… Continue »

Daniel Menche — Odradek

This is the logo I designed to accompany the album art for Daniel Menche’s Odradek. This was a fairly straight forward project since the cover art had already been illustrated by the talented Markus Wolff. All I needed to do was come up with the logo and format the artwork for the album cover and label. The album is being released as a limited run (300) vinyl pressing from Fractured Spaces Records.