Doctor Octoroc Presents 8-bit Jesus

For those of you looking to change up the monotony of the Christmas music that has been pouring out of every other radio since the week before Halloween, check out some Christmas carols done up chip-tune style with Doctor Octoroc’s 8-bit Jesus. There’s nothing better than Jingle Bells set to the Super Mario Bros. theme to bring back memories of that Christmas morning where you completely ignored the mountains of socks and sweaters to rock your brand new Nintendo Entertainment System.

[audio: Super Jingle Bros..mp3]

Now here’s the Sally Struthers moment, while though Doc. Oc released a sampler of 8-bit Jesus to much praise, the good Doctor is asking for some fan support. In a message he sent out yesterday Doctor Octoroc informed us that his Corgi puppy Ein needs surgery, and he is asking fans of the 8-bit Jesus sampler for a small donation to help him pay for Ein’s surgery. Anything will help out, but in true PBS fashion you can score yourself a copy of the full-length 8-bit Jesus CD (+ digital dl) with a donation of at least $15.

I say, what better last minute gift for the geek in your life than a gift of chip-tune Christmas Carols. If you haven’t already, download the 8-bit Jesus Sampler, and get in the spirit of the holidays.

5 Responses to Doctor Octoroc Presents 8-bit Jesus

  1. That Kasio kristmas seems to be in my face all the time this season, I have to admit I am starting to like it.