Weekend Project—DIY Sketchbook

Yesterday was quite a busy day, between yard work, and a couple refinishing projects for the new bathroom. I did take some time to head out to the art supply stores. Of particular note was a helluva deal that I took advantage of at Michael’s. They have all of their Pentel Pocket Brush Pens on sale for 90% off, that’s $1.69 for a pen that I paid $17 for a year ago. Suffice it say, it took all of my willpower not to buy them all. So, if you have a Michael’s in your area you might check them out.

More to the point though, I also picked up a ream of manilla colored drawing paper at Hobby Lobby. The pack yielded 200 sheets for $5, not bad for generic sketch paper. This morning I got an itch to do something I’ve always wanted to try. That is to make my own sketchbook, similar to Moleskin’s unlined pads.

I put together 20 sheets of the manila paper, along with a piece of textured cover stock I had laying around. I made all of holes in the binding with my drill. Then used some heavy upholstery thread to do the saddle-stitching. I watched the video bellow to help me figure the ins and out of the stitching before got down to it.

While the whole process didn’t go as smoothly as I planned—next time I’ll use binder clips to hold it all together while I stich—I did end up with a pretty decent sketchbook. I even left the cover a little long so I could wrap it around to keep it closed in my bag. Not bad for my first try.

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