The Necronomicon

“If knowing the unknowable is crazy, I don’t want to be sane.”

A hilarious prescription drug-sounding commercial for the Necronomicon by Good Advice Bad Times:

Do you want to be a nicer person? Are you looking for inspiration to do good things? Well keep looking. But if you’re into opening up terrifying vistas of reality then the Esoteric Order of the Old Ones and Cthulhu Cultists want to help. Contact us today to find out how.

These guys created another funny commercial for “Elder Sign” the only way to protect you and yours from Flying Polyps.

2 Responses to The Necronomicon

  1. …not prescription drugs: it’s a parody of a Book of Mormon commercial.

    I hadn’t seen the exact one they’re spoofing, but it’s on youtube. They’ve done similar ones for many years, and there’s a long story about one of those commercials that resulted in Clark & I entertaining a couple of “Elders,” ha ha!