The Music of Shadowrun (Genesis Edition)

In keeping with the Cyber theme, I scrounged up some golden oldies… The soundtrack to my all-time favorite Sega Genesis game, Shadowrun. Thanks to the recent successful Kickstarter campaigns for Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Online the memories of sitting in my darkened living room plugging away for hours on end on my own Sega Genesis Shadowrun adventure have been top of mind lately. I remember running and gunning, earning Nuyen for dermal plating and Cyberdeck upgrades. I fondly recall the high-pitch pews of my semi-automatic machine pistol, and the thrill of crushing data nodes. One thing I don’t remember however is ever finishing the game. Now that I have my old Sega Genesis, and copy of Shadowrun out of storage, I’m pumped to give it another go!

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For anyone who played this game, the Title Screen music is probably the most familiar. Personally, I must’ve spent an excessive amount of time wherever the Bar 3 music played, because I still get that tune stuck in my head. But really, all of these tracks hold a special place in my heart. Shadowrun was one of my first experiences with both the Cyberpunk genre and computer RPGs, two things that I am still a fan of. So, jack in chummers, and enjoy the tunes.

Added Bonus: Here’s the super-cheesy, so-bad-it’s-good live action promo for the Shadowrun RPG from the 1990 GenCon.

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