Wall of Sound—Sound of the Galaxy OC Remix

Here are a couple of remixes by Wall of Sound, Inc.—the company, led by Jack Wall, who composed the soundtrack for Mass Effect 1/2. They recently gave an interview over at Over-Clocked Remix where they discuss the complexity of developing the soundtrack for Mass Effect 2, and they were kind enough to share a couple remixes of Mass Effect tracks.


I want to thank Jimmy Hinson—aka Big Giant Circles—for setting me straight on who produced these tracks. Nova Siberia being a remix that he worked on under Big Giant Circles prior to joining Wall of Sound, and Sound of the Galaxy was produced by Another Soundscape who also has a handful of killer video game related remixes.

Big Giant Circles: Nova Siberia OC ReMix

Another Soundscape: The Sound of the Galaxy OC ReMix

You can follow Sound of Wall, Inc. on Twitter @wallofsoundinc.

Not to be that guy, but if you Wall of Sound guys are interested in freshening up your website then drop me a line.

3 Responses to Wall of Sound—Sound of the Galaxy OC Remix

  1. Haha, thanks for plugging this :) One quick note though, the remixes are actually not by Wall of Sound. One is by “Another Soundscape” and the other is by myself prior to joining the group :) As for freshening up the WoS website, thanks for the offer, I’ll pass the word onto Jack!

    • Thanks for setting me straight Jimmy. These are both excellent tracks and I definitely want to give credit where credit is due.